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The Job time on our Metalix is completely different to what the actual run time on the machine is. The Machine is a Yawei Laser 2kw. 


Hi Nigel,

 As we went though today here is an explanation on the difference in your Jobtimes between Metalix and the Yawei Laser

 For this particular nest, Metalix quote 1h24mins where it was actually 48m on the machine. the few things we did in Metalix to get the nest time more accurately


  1. Feed rate


  1. Make sure you are using the same material type and thickness
  2. Update the feed rate in the cutting table to match the machine (in this case it was 13m/min)
  3. Check the acceleration. On the machine it is set to 50%, so changethe Reduced feed rate in the cutting table to half of the feed rate. In this case, its 7.5m/min