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This issue occurs because there may be corruption with the Access Database Engine that Cnckad and Autonest use to generate the .DOC reports. 

There are 2 steps to Try. 

Step 1) Reinstall/repair AccessDatabasEngine.exe

To do this go to C:\Cnckad\installation\Cnckad.19\Disk1\Prereq_x64 (this is the location of the latest Installation downloaded to your PC) and run the Application AccessDatabaseEngine.exe. go through the process to repair it. 

Re-open Cnckad / Autonest and try to print a report.

if that doesn't work, try Step 2 

Step 2) Repair Microsoft Office

Go to start\ Settings \Apps and find your version Microsoft office

when you click on it, it should give you the option to 'Modify'. Click Modify to start the repair process. 

When completed, open Cnckad or Autonest and print your report.